Over the past dozen-plus years as a creative, my work has spanned both the advertising and entertainment fields.

As a Creative Director I have been responsible for everything from commercials to campaigns. Working with The Walt Disney Company and ABC Television Group I was responsible for shaping the launch of the on-demand watch apps, as well as interfacing with creative and department heads to implement the over 200 assets for the launch of Disney Channel’s Shake It Up (Seasons 1 & 2) and the spin off series, Make Your Mark. For the 2016 presidential race I conceived and built a media strategy deck and concept video presented to John Podesta, Campaign Chair of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

As a producer and editor, I have been privileged in my work – from producing and editing interviews with Norman Lear to executing a presentation for the late Steve Jobs. With a career emphasis in documentary television I was recently working as co-producer and editor on the groundbreaking documentary series OUT OF THE BOX, a tour de force multi-part documentary series profiling the power of television to shape hearts and minds through the lens of the LGBT rights movement. My editorial work has spanned television, documentary, and films with projects from the upcoming America’s Game and The Greatest on EPSN to featurettes for MARVEL’s AntMan and work for MTV, TLC, TNT, The CW, CNN, Travel Channel, and The Television Academy and more.

I have been honored to have my work recognized with an Emmy nomination and am the recipient of two Shorty and Telly Awards.