I have been honored to have my work recognized with an Emmy nomination and recipient of Shorty, Webby, and Telly Awards.

I pride myself as an editor by being a true collaborator with filmmakers, working smart, and working quick. My work has focused heavily in the documentary field with projects ranging from feature films, series, and short form digital. My work spans many genres and has straddled both entertainment and advertising – a background that has given me incredible fluency in both technique and style that I am able to bring to any project.


Producing is a versatile role; one that has taken me from producing full scale independent films, documentary interviews with luminaries such as Norman Lear, Billie Jean King, and Rob Reiner for Out Of The Box (now Visible: Out On Television – a five episode documentary series on Apple TV+), to the role of Senior Video Producer for Hulu.

It is a role that works hand in hand with editing – especially in documentary where I have produced many series and films in the dual role of producer/editor. It’s in that capacity that I have been privileged to have built presentations and campaigns that were presented to the late Mr. Steve Jobs in conjunction with Mr. Bob Iger and a Walt Disney Company board meeting.


Working in the capacity as either creative director , creative consultant, or strategist, I have had the responsibility of bringing my experience and vision to a number of projects.

In the 2016 Presidential race I had the opportunity to conceive and build a media strategy that was presented to John Podesta, Campaign Chair of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

With my background in production and post, I have been brought in to consult on the build-out of post production facilities and workflows for a variety of projects.

From a media refresh to re-position the app Hornet in the App Stores to strategizing distribution and interactivity with individual projects – my passion and excitement for the shaping and sharing of stories has provided me with the ability to work alongside networks, brands, and productions to find and harness opportunity.