Dan Baglio, Pulse Films

Asher is a gifted editor and a great person to work with. He’s got a fantastic sense of story that has greatly elevated the series and sizzle reels he’s done with me. A producer in his own right, he’s able to grasp the finer points of every project and enhance the storytelling to deliver projects more nuanced than he received them. He takes notes really well and has always delivered projects expeditiously. I can’t recommend Asher highly enough.

-Dan BaglioSenior Vice President of Original Programming and Development – Pulse Films & Herzog & Co.

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Erica Sardarian-Peterson, hulu

Asher is smart, creative, and collaborative. He goes above and beyond on any project he works on and was such a pleasure to work with at Hulu. In addition to his creative and collaborative spirit, he has a unique ability to quickly adapt and pivot to any given situation. He’s a great asset and any organization would be lucky to have him.

-Erica Sardarian-PetersonProject Producer – Hulu

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Christof Wittig, Hornet

Asher is a magic weapon to help put strategy into well crafted words. At Hornet, we relied heavily on Asher’s insights, advise, and craft to explain our mission to create a home base where LGBTQ people can safely express themselves. It has been a pleasure working together and I hope we will have more opportunity in the future.

-Christof WittigFounder & CEO – Hornet

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Andrew Borin, Hulu

Asher is a gifted creative who has good editing chops and was an asset to the team during his time at Hulu.

-Andrew BorinAssociate Creative Director – Hulu

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Pete DeStefano, The American Game

Asher worked as an editor for me on my ‘College Football 150’ series for ESPN and he was fantastic. A true filmmaker’s editor.

-Pete DeStefanoExecutive Producer – “College Football 150: The American Game”

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James DeOliveira

There are a sea of editors that know how to edit. You can always find someone to get something done. If you have a project worthy of true skill, if you want something original and fresh, call Asher. He has a natural sense of rhythm and an intuitive sense of what works. I have worked with a wide variety of people in post production. If you have ideas, he can execute. If you need to find your way through, he can do that, too. Thank me later.

-James DeOliveiraFinishing Editor / Post Consultant – United Front Design & Freelance Client

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Ryan Regan, Objectified

Asher is one of the most talented producers I’ve had the honor to work with. Not only is he an efficient/talented editor, but he was able to take an inordinate amount of footage and beautifully sculpt it into compelling hours of television on ‘OBJECTified.’ He was an absolute pleasure to work with and a well-liked, team-first player.

-Ryan ReganExecutive Producer – “Objectified”

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Kip Pastor, Indigenous Media

Asher is a very talented and creative editor. I fully endorse him. He brings a unique combination of technical ability and creative thinking to the edit. Excellent work!

-Kip PastorExecutive Vice President of Production – Indigenous Media

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Dan Leonard, Indigenous Media

Asher is a versatile, fast, and thorough editor who consistently amazed us with his cuts. We worked under a tight deadline for an important client, and Asher elevated the material, ultimately landing us a brand deal.

-Dan LeonardSupervising Producer – Indigenous Media

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Cris Olariu, BET Networks

Asher is one of the most detail oriented editors I ever had the pleasure of working with. This has been the second project I worked with him on and I would bring him back in a heartbeat. He is also very versatile, being able to switch between Avid, Final Cut, and Premiere without skipping a beat.

-Cris OlariuPost Production Supervisor – BET Networks

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Matt Zien, All3Media

Asher is a terrific talent — thoughtful, smart, highly creative and dedicated — not to mention a pleasure to work with. With a great eye for style and A+ structural instincts, Mr. Lewis is a valuable ally to have in the bay.

-Matt ZienManager of Development – All3Media America

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Murphy Gilson, Participant Media

Asher came to us for a tour of duty as a freelancer, and he dropped right into our team like he was one of us from the beginning. He dug in and injected new creative life into some of our cuts, plus handled the boring and thankless jobs with machine like speed & precision. I’d work with this guy again and as often as I could!

-Murphy GilsonCreative Director & Senior Vice President of Creative and Branding – Participant Media

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Susan Baronoff, BET Networks

I can’t say enough about Asher as an editor, as a colleague, as a creative partner. He delivered a consistently superlative product while bringing a positive and professional demeanor to the process, itself, helping to maintain a productive rhythm under harried and difficult circumstances. I can’t wait to work with Asher again, and can’t recommend him highly enough.

-Susan BaronoffSupervising Producer – BET Networks

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Pamela Naumes, C-Fresh

Asher is the type of professional that rarely exists today. He’s passionate, curious, strategic, highly collaborative and, most importantly, he cares about your business and wants to do the right thing. He quickly became our trusted partner within days of getting to know him. He’s THAT good. And the end product was phenomenal. I can’t wait to work with Asher again!

-Pamela NaumesSenior Director of Digital Marketing – C-Fresh

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TW Miller

Asher is a triple threat: smart, fast and talented. Plus – and this is a big plus in this high pressure industry – he’s a nice guy and easy to work with. Given the opportunity, I will work with Asher on any project, anytime, anywhere.

-TW MillerWriter/Director – United Front Design & Freelance Client

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Jenny Meier, Direct Response Brands

If I could check all the attribute boxes, I would!! Asher has been a dream to work with on the projects our company has hired him for. He meets all his deliverables, is quick and responsive to all forms of communication, and consistently delivers a product that exceeds expectation. I couldn’t be happier with his work and I hope we are able to team up again on more and more projects in the future!

-Jenny MeierProducer – Direct Response Brands

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David Nolte, PILOT Agency

Asher has been a pleasure to work with on various projects. He has a great creative point of view and is a great collaborator. I would highly recommend him as he’s easy to work with and is a master of his craft. Can’t wait to work with him again.

-David NolteSenior Producer – PILOT Agency

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Brianne Richard

Working with Asher has been wonderful on both occasions I’ve had the pleasure – as staff employees at United Front Design and as freelancers at Big Picture Group. Immensely talented, Asher embodies editing as an art – turning a jumble of seemingly unrelated clips into an inspired sizzle or creating a compelling promo with disorganized shoot footage and a carefully chosen music track. Besides having an impressive skill set (I’ve watched producers confuse his temp graphics for elements from the graphics department), he is an absolute joy to spend time with.

-Brianne RichardUnited Front Design & BPG & Houndstooth Media Group

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Jessica Herbert, MATCH Creative

Asher is reliable, easy to work with and our clients love him! It doesn’t hurt that he is FAST and HIGHLY skilled!

-Jessica HerbertSenior Creative Consultant & Recruiter – MATCH Creative

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LaTanya Newt, BET Networks

Asher is a phenomenal editor who not only addresses notes quickly and efficiently, but also has excellent creative ideas. He is the ultimate team player and a joy to be around when you’re confined to an edit bay for hours at a time.

-LaTanya Newt, Vice President of Current, Scripted, & Reality Programming – BET Networks

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James Brandon

I couldn’t recommend Asher any higher for his passionate commitment to the timely and creative editing process, his determination and patience to make the product picture perfect, his enthusiasm and expertise of his craft, and his imagination and vision that took our original ideas to a higher level. His deep knowledge of the art makes him an inspired co-creative partner in developing story and creating supportive imagery, while maintaining and respecting our intentions/visions as directors.

-James BrandonDirector / Producer – “Corpus Christi: Playing with Redemption”

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Kari Salrin, Discovery, Inc.

Asher is an amazing talent with an exceptional ability to communicate and explain technical magic that both coworkers and clients may not totally understand. His technical understanding and organizational skills made him such an asset to our team. He also made me laugh and really kept morale up. I cant wait to work with him again.

-Kari SalrinProducer – The Agency, Discovery, Inc.

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Nina Ng, United Front Design

As a motion graphic designer, I work very closely with the editors for rough cuts, concepts, and final graphic deliveries. Asher has always been a great pleasure to work with. He is organized, creative, timely, and always clear with instructions and directions. Working with Asher to get the job done is always an easy and smooth process. Simply put, he gets it.

-Nina NgSenior Designer – United Front Design

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JJ Crowley, 24 Seven Talent

[Weber Shandwick] had nothing but positive things to say about the work Asher did. He performed above and beyond what they were expecting and I would recommend him to any client. 5 Stars!

-JJ CrowleyDirector of Recruiting – 24 Seven Talent

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Randy Christini, TV Guide Network

Asher is a great editor and, more importantly, a great collaborator. He brings not only insight but a positive attitude a project. He is very creative and works well under pressure. Even on assignments that had a tight deadline, Asher gave the segments an extra polish and style that other editors would not or could not achieve. I highly recommend Asher and look forward to working with him again in the future.

-Randy ChristiniSupervising Producer – TV Guide Network

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Tom Koykka, BET Networks

Asher is a brilliant FCP editor. I can’t speak to his skills on Avid but the depth of his FCP knowledge was amazing. His cuts were well polished and always on time. Asher has a good sense of style and a good bed side manner as well. I would hire him again without question.

-Tom KoykkaPost Production Manager – DuBose Entertainment, BET Networks

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Tatum Geselter, TV Guide Network

Asher is an amazing editor who helps the producer achieve more than they ever thought was possible. He makes a producer’s time spent in the edit bay a fun and creative experience.

-Tatum GeselterProducer – TV Guide Network

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Carla Hawkes, TV Guide Network

Not only is Asher incredibly creative and fast, but he’s so fun to work with. He produces incredibly creative pieces under tight deadlines, and all with an easy going attitude that makes him a joy to be around!

-Carla HawkesSupervising Producer – TV Guide Network

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Keith Morse, TVGuide Network

Asher is a very creative, knowlegable and fast editor. I would hire him in a heart beat and if there was more work at TV Guide, he would still be working with us.

-Keith MorsePost Producer – TV Guide Network

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